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Life is Strange (2013) Played on PC

Developer: Dontnod
Publisher: Square Enix
Life is Strange Image
Initial Reaction

Upon ending the game I instantly wanted to jump right back in and play Max and Chloe’s story out one more time. I was considering just replaying episode 5 just to replay the ending to see what happens, but I decided that was not the point of the game. It reminded me of something my soccer coach said once, “Life is choices.”

Playing this game made me think about the importance of our decisions and the fact that we don’t have the luxury to redo anything. We have to be happy with what we choose or live with the consequences. If I went to replay the ending then I would be missing the point of the game and life (and yes I know it’s just a game and it has no real life consequences). With that said, I absolutely loved the game and the story gave me hope even though both endings are heart-wrenching.

I played this game back in October 2017 because episode one was free and I heard good things about it on one of the podcasts that I listen to. It took about a month to finish the game and I writing this review after reflecting on the game for a few months.

Gameplay: 8/10

Despite the game not having much to do mechanically, the overall experience of walking around and exploring is what makes the game enjoyable. The idea is that you walk around, look at things, and take in the environment. You collect achievements by exploring ares that you’re in and taking photos. However, the jarring effect of walking somewhere not open to exploration is slightly off putting because there is a whole effect in which the game turns you around. Otherwise the feeling of playing the game is very distinct and even though there isn’t much to do there is a lot to see and sometimes that’s all that matters.

Audio/Graphics/Character Development: 7/10

The graphics, though a little lackluster, are forgivable primarily because the game was developed by an indie company. However, the dialogue is slightly cringe-y when playing (yes, I know, teenagers are cringe-y af, but still) and it can take some time to get used to. What gets me with this game is the dialogue simply because some of the characters have the worst lines and can come off as one note even for a side character.

The development of Chloe and Max are amazing and watching them rekindle their friendship is the best part of the story. Both of them make mistakes and no one is apologizing for them. My main issue with the characters are the fact that game sacrifices some of the development of the minor characters to completely focus on Max and Chloe. However, this is not an issue as long as you excuse some of the dialogue.

Soundtrack: 10/10

Just amazing and I wanted smile, hangout, and cry simply because of the music alone. The soundtrack has become a part of my music lexicon and I listen to it regularly.

Play this game! It’s not too hard to pick up and the characters are extremely enjoyable.